Design Team of the Westmoor Arboretum.


The Westmoor Arboretum earned ArbNet Level II accreditation in 2024 and now features 130 trees, woody plants, and special exhibits.  Westmoor previously earned ArbNet Level I certification in 2023.

The trees which compose the core of the Arboretum owe their existence to many stewards of Westmoor Park, past and present. Many trees and woody shrubs were planted by the original benefactors, Charles and Leila Hunter, before the land was donated to West Hartford in 1973.

There have only been three resident Naturalist/Managers of the Park since that time.

The Arboretum owes a historical debt of thanks to Joe Pratt and Ken Garrahan - the first two naturalists - for expanding and caring for our tree collection.

Thanks to Douglas Jackson, the current Naturalist/Park Manager (since 2000) for his untiring work in planting new species and sustaining all trees in the Arboretum, and for his ongoing vision and quest to make Westmoor an Arboretum.

A team of experts worked together to make the Arboretum a reality, and the team was led by tree naturalist, writer, and photographer Bill Gleason.

Significant contributions were made by Jane Gottier (Park Horticulturalist since 2000), Christy Page (Asst. Naturalist/Manager), Marty Aligata (CT Notable Trees), and many others.

The Arboretum would not have happened without the strong support of Helen Rubino-Turco (Director, Leisure Services, West Hartford) and the West Hartford Tree Action Group.

All images, content, databases, and design by Bill Gleason (email).

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Westmoor Park & Arboretum


ArbNet Accredited Arboretum, Level 2, international accreditation given in 2024 by the Morton Arboretum