Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Pendulum'
CT Notable Tree

Winter view, Weeping Katsura Tree, Westmoor Arboretum.

You can see the Weeping Katsura Tree's form clearly in winter. Sturdy single trunk (it is often grown as a multi-stemmed tree) and a wild array of drooping branches.  It is March, and we are looking for the first bit of color...


Leaf bud and flower bud of Weeping Katsura in very early Spring.

It is the first week of April, and we spot color.  But it isnot green, but red.  These are the leaf buds and flower buds of the Weeping Katsura Tree, and they are about to put on a show.


The male flowers of the dioecious Weeping Katsura Tree.

Weeping Katsura Trees are dioecious (male and female flowers on different trees) and these distinctive flowers confirm this specimen is indeed a male. There are several stages pictured here - both when the flowers first emerge (narrow stalks, right) to when they are getting ready to release pollen (larger anthers, left).   The other buds you see are leaf buds.


First leaf buds opening on Katsura Tree at The Westmoor Arboretum.

Once the male flowers release their pollen, their job for the year is done and they will quickly wither and fall off the tree.  Then it's time for the leaf buds to open and release their leaves.  Katsura trees offer a medley of leaf colors in Spring...


Spring leaf color of the Weeping Katsura Tree

It is now May, and the leaves have emerged, but they have a dark reddish tinge to them.  The leaves also look like American Red Bud in their oval shape and different colorations in Spring.  After this phase...


Late Spring leaf color and habit, Weeping Katsura Tree.

We are almost to Summer, and while the tree has turned green the newer foliage is still reddish.  This tree at The Westmoor Arboretum is a CT Notable Tree.  Small, but actually #4 on the CT Notable list.  The tree is native to Japan, and was planted here at Westmoor in 2017 by Douglas Jackson, Park Naturalist.


Full summer foliage of the Weeping Katsura at The Westmoor Arboretum.

Full summer foliage on the Weeping Katsura.  Notice that while new growth has slowed, it is still occurring at the branch tips.  Still a bit reddish.


Brilliant fall color of the Weeping Katsura tree at The Westmoor Arboretum.

The Weeping Katsura Tree undergoes several different color changes in fall.  This is mid-October (2023) and the color is primarily yellow/green with some light red thrown in.  In two weeks time, another color may predominate.  You often find multi-colored leaves on the same tree in Fall, much like Common Sweetgum.